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Our Sanctuary Space

Recontructionist Congregation of Detroit's new sanctuary space

About our Synagogue:

The Reconstructionist Congregation of Detroit  (RCD) is the first new synagogue founded in the city of Detroit in the last 25 years. We opened our doors for our first Shabbat service on May 6, 2000.

Our synagogue is located downtown, and our guiding principles include a commitment to a continuing Jewish presence in the city of Detroit.  Our current space is at 960 E. Jefferson.

The Reconstructionist Congregation of Detroit is affiliated with Jewish Reconstructionist Communities.

About our Services:

RCD is an egalitarian congregation in which men and women have equal rights and responsibilities.  We also encourage and depend upon the broad participation of the entire congregation in our activities as we are a lay-led synagogue.


Year of Togetherness

RCD is excited to announce that this year will be a Year of Togetherness with Congregation T'chiyah.  T'chiyah is a Reconstructionist congregation based in Oak Park, MI, http://www.tchiyah.org/.  RCD and T'chiyah will be collaborating closely on a wide range of activities including religious services, educational opportunities, and social justice projects.


For information about our Shabbat and other services, click on the "Calendar of Events" link above.

RCD's New Torah



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